Fun 2.0 - Reinventing Entertainment in a Pandemic World

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The last year has been strange - A world in which James Bond got bumped four times. Football was played in empty stadiums, and we demanded more Friends! How will life and business adapt as we emerge from lockdown?

In this industry research report for media & entertainment, get key insights for marketers and media owners alike - consider how your business will adapt as we emerge from lockdown.

The media & entertainment sector was forced to close theaters and cinemas, cancel music events, and empty theme parks. A sector that thrived as consumers craved relief from cabin fever, moved concerts online, streamed live sporting events, and fed our gaming needs. In this research, Talkwalker have analyzed millions of consumer conversations - from social media to blogs, forums to news sites - to understand how our behavior changed, and the trends brands should follow to keep customers happy, drive revenue, save money, survive.

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  • The M&E industry used the silver screen in our lounge to ease our pandemic stress
  • Musicians, to stay relevant, performed from their homes, and we got to see their pools
  • Sports venues are easing back to reality and ensuring consumers are safe

Welcome to a brave new world!

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