Marketing Truth #1 - The C-Suite is Just Not That Into You

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Increasingly, CMOs and digital marketers are expected to be on the front lines, steering the vision for your organization in its journey toward becoming a digital-first business.

Complicated martech stacks have made achieving this a difficult task. Complex webs of different tools and technologies strain budgets, impede strategies, and are a negative factor for senior leaders across the entire organization. Removing them would be beneficial. But without them, how are you going to transform digital processes or deliver great customer experiences? It puts you in a tough spot.

Face the truth: You probably already know how important it is to effectively drive the digital experience. But before you can progress, there are some truths you need to face. That’s why we’re sharing 5 hard truths about the role of CMOs in 2019 - presented as a series of handy eBooks - so you can understand what’s holding you back. In this eBook, we’ll look closely at our first hard truth - your C-Suite may not understand the value you provide.

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