Data Drives Action: Power Real-time Action Across Your Business


Alyssa Meritt, Head of Strategic Consulting, and Neel Banerjee, Senior Product Manager at Urban Airship, explain how you can use insights from your mobile data to react to customer behaviour in real time.

This video is a clip from "Good vs. Great Mobile Engagement: Getting the Opt-In" watch the full webcast on-demand.

[Alyssa Merritt]: So, when I think about data driving action, one of the things we can do is trigger responses to people's behaviour within the lifecycle and within the experience. For instance, some of the mobile data that you're capturing can be used for cross-channel ROI insights - uninstalls are a really powerful piece of data, that idea of turning around lost customers - email win-back program is also a big area.

[Neel Banerjee]: There's also another one - now that we have the ability to get add IDs. Big platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, what they're doing is capturing everyone's ad ID and then, in your app, you have access to that ad ID. So, on Facebook, Neel's add ID is the same as Neel's add ID on some retailer's app. So what this means is that by sending Urban Airship the add ID for an uninstall use case, you may not have to use email or a win-back campaign anymore. We actually heard bout this at a conference where we were talking about uninstalls and you had mentioned the idea of a death of the user, well there is a sort of Resurrection of the user.

The way that Zynga was doing this, is they were actually taking these uninstall events, they have these add IDs on these users, they go into a platform like Facebook where you can target these people specifically. So what happens is - I'm in my Facebook all the time - I'm looking at Facebook and reading a story, and then I see in my feed "Hey Zynga has this game and all my friends still have it." That's social proof of getting me to want to go back into that app - maybe I deleted it to get more space on my phone - well that actually gets you to go back in. And you can use that some sort of signal here, whether it's about a new product that you have and marketing people that are engaged with your app, so a lot of these things you can not only just do this through email, but you can go through a different channel, such as Facebook or Twitter.